Monday, September 13, 2010

Get off the road, little guys!

Birds resting on Goose Pond Road.

Cedar Waxwings and Tree Swallows loafing on Goose Pond Road. They don't know how dangerous it is, so we have to look out for them. I took this photo the afternoon of August 7, 2010, when I was also photographing the three dead birds in following posts. Even on small country roads going past a known bird sanctuary, people drive fast.

Tree Swallow: Arlington, WI

Young Tree Swallow killed by car on Goose Pond Road.

Cedar Waxwing: Arlington, WI

Cedar Waxwing killed by car on Goose Pond Road.

Red-winged Blackbird: Arlington, WI

Road-killed Red-winged Blackbird

Article about tracking roadkill from The New York Times